Serving in Honduras

On February 27, 2013, our lives changed forever when we accepted the call to preside over the newly created Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission. Four months later, on June 27th, we arrived to greet the 135 missionaries with whom we would start this great adventure. The mission has grown to 205 missionaries in the first nine months and continues to climb. All of that growth has brought great enthusiasm to the stakes, wards and branches in the mission. We are grateful to serve at such an amazing time in the history of the Church, and in such a beautiful part of the world. The people of Honduras are warm and wonderful, and the climate is even warmer (ok it's hot). We are so very grateful for our missionaries and everyone who supports all of us. Thank you for your love, prayers and support!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Not all Sundays are the same, but very often we get up by 5:30 in the morning to travel to a ward or branch in our mission that is outside of San Pedro Sula.  We attend Sacrament Meeting, meet members and leaders--then President Dester usually interviews the missionaries while I talk to their companions.  Two thirds of our missionaries are Spanish speakers, so I either have to struggle with what little Spanish I have learned or have an English speaker translate for me (if there is one).  I ask the missionaries what their food is like (if they have a cocinera or if they cook for themselves), if they have been cleaning their apartment, if they have been sick or if they need any other help. I learn a lot about what is going on in their area. 

I love to talk with the members (they think I can speak more Spanish than I actually do). 

I especially love the children.  They are not only cute, but it is fun to have some of them come up to me after the meeting and say a word or 2 in English.  There are many bilingual schools in Honduras and the members are always excited to practice speaking.  Almost every week I have a very funny experience with at least one or 2 of the children at church.  They stare at me a lot!!!!!  It is my hair.  Almost no one in Honduras has blond hair.  (Needless to say, I hate going to get my hair done--I'd rather have a root canal).  One of our very blond new sister missionaries has had the same experience.  She told me the other day that one of the children kept asking her something and she just didn't understand what the child was saying in Spanish.  So, the sister missionary finally said, "Si´".  Before she knew it, the little girl reached up and plucked out a few hairs from her head.  Ouch!!!! 

We see a lot of interesting things along the way when we travel outside of the city.  The countryside is beautiful, despite the poor roads and the poverty.  We love the cooler weather this week (only 75-85°).  I don't know how much longer it will last so we are enjoying it while we can.  Right now, it is better than living in Minnesota.


This could be any place in the U.S.


There is usually a lot of fog in the mornings on the mountains

Lake Yojoa

We have a lot of coconuts

Yes, we have A LOT of bananas!!!!!!

Sugar cane just before harvest
Sugar cane on the way to the factory
A typical pickup FULL of eggs.  With the terrible roads,
we wonder how they all make it to market.
A view from our balcony--our back yard!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas in 85°

We are REALLY enjoying the coolest time of the year here in Honduras.  It almost feels cold when the mornings start out at 70° and the high is only 85°!  Two weeks ago we were able to have Christmas parties with all our missionaries.  They are WONDERFUL!!!  We love them and feel SOOOO blessed to have them in our lives.  Thank you to all the families who share them with us.  We are grateful for your prayers and we pray for all of you.  We hope that you will have a happy 2014 and that you will find joy in the service of your children and in the sacrifices that all of you are making.

President and Sister Dester

Christmas Lunch
President & Sister Dester
James (their son visiting from Minnesota)
Elder and Sister John
(The greatest missionary couple in the world!)
Christmas Lunch

Villa Nueva

San Pedro Sula
Valle de Sula