Serving in Honduras

On February 27, 2013, our lives changed forever when we accepted the call to preside over the newly created Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission. Four months later, on June 27th, we arrived to greet the 135 missionaries with whom we would start this great adventure. The mission has grown to 205 missionaries in the first nine months and continues to climb. All of that growth has brought great enthusiasm to the stakes, wards and branches in the mission. We are grateful to serve at such an amazing time in the history of the Church, and in such a beautiful part of the world. The people of Honduras are warm and wonderful, and the climate is even warmer (ok it's hot). We are so very grateful for our missionaries and everyone who supports all of us. Thank you for your love, prayers and support!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

SO Many People to Love

There are SO many people here in the San Pedro Sula West Mission that we dearly love and appreciate.

First--We would not have survived without our missionary couple, Elder and Sister John.  It was so sad to say good-bye a couple of weeks ago.  We just might have enough strings to pull to get them back here when they choose to serve again. Watch out Elder and Sister John:-)!!!!!!  How many couples do you know who both husband and wife can speak Spanish and are made of grit?   Well, the Johns are made of the stuff that help missions function.  We will never be able to express enough love and gratitude for all they have done to help get our mission ready before we arrived.  

Elder and Sister John--Master Finance Man and Master Office Manager
Elder Figueroa--Immigration
Elder Zitting--Secretary
Second--Our office staff always keeps everything running.  There are immigration details to take care of constantly, records to record, bills to be paid, budgets to keep track of, money that needs to go out to every missionary so that they can buy food, travel by bus and pay their rent.  We need help with special projects, transporting furniture for apartments, checking apartments, training new missionaries and helping missionaries figure out how to live in a new country with a new culture.  Our Assistants are constantly taking phone calls and helping zone leaders, district leaders, and individual missionaries--sometimes without ever letting us know that they are helping to take care of problems.  They do so much to help take care of details that allow us to focus on interviewing missionaries, getting ready for dinners, planning for new missionaries and SOOO many more responsibilities.

Elder Mower--Assistant

Elder Juárez--Assistant

Third--Our missionaries!!!!!  Every single one of them!!!!  We love their faithfulness and their desire to serve the Lord.  We do our best to help them when they struggle and they often express appreciation for what we are doing, even when we can´t be with them all the time.  They communicate with the President every week by e-mail and we look forward to hearing about how they are doing.

New Arrivals from Guatemala

New Arrivals from Mexico City

The Mission Basketball Team (not really--but almost)

Checking out the medical help in Copan and visiting missionaries

Fourth--Members and the neighbors of our missionaries who are always helping.  One bishop just recently took an Elder to our main hospital in San Pedro Sula because he knew that the missionary needed some serious help.  All turned out well because of his service.  Many members sacrifice to feed our missionaries and take them into their humble homes to help them feel a part of the ward or branch.

Thanks to ALL--we are truly blessed and know that we are being watched over and protected in this part of the world.  We appreciate all the prayers in our behalf and in behalf of the missionaries.


  1. Our son received his call to your mission yesterday. He is very excited! Thank you for the interesting information that you have provided in your posts. It is apparent that you and your husband have a great deal of love and concern for your missionaries which is a great comfort to us.

  2. Happy Easter! What a beautiful post. Thank you for the love you give freely to these missionaries. I feel so blessed to have my son in your mission. The great work being done in Honduras comes across these pages in such a real way--hard to describe! Love and blessings to you all!

    Sister Lund

  3. dear Annette...... i hope this finds you. you might remember me as one of the Taylor twins. Lona and Mona Taylor, daughter of Richard and Reta Taylor, Richard was a brother to Arvel who was married to your grandmother Nellie. I have some papers and photos and such that belonged to Nellie and we are trying to find some relative of hers, that might want these items. could you contact me? email is i am in provo and would love to get these things to you or your other family members. please respond.